Aircraft Specialties Services' Skybolt 300

The Award winning Skybolt 300 is the only air show airplane flying that was built in the living room of a condominium. It was designed with eye-catching features that allow the air show fan to easily follow each maneuver. The Skybolt 300 is a modern biplane design similar to the Pitts Special but is larger and more powerful.

The two place Skybolt has a wing span 24 feet and is powered by a modified Lycoming engine producing over 300 horsepower. This combination of power and agility brings air show excitement like no other act - one wing or two. To get the maximum performance during a show, the Skybolt is stripped of all unnecessary items - including the seat cushions.

The big colorful biplane is constructed of steel tubing and wood with a fabric covering. The Skybolt has won several top awards at air shows around the country and has been featured in numerous aviation magazines, posters, calendars, and advertising.