If you're building a scale Skybolt model in the Bearfeat scheme, you'll probably appreciate one or two of the pictures as helpful.

We get a number of requests for scale documentation of our Skybolt 300. This page was created for faster and easier access to photos of our favorite plane.

If you are building a scale RC model of the Bearfeat Skybolt 300, you will appreciate these detail pictures. Those building precision scale and need even more detail, email Randy and he'll get the shot you need. We also plan to post here a 3 view of the paint scheme and the sponsor logo art so you can scale it to your project.

When you finish your scale Skybolt 300, please send us some photos! We will admire then for sure and post a few on this web site for other RC fans to enjoy.
Randy has two RC Skybolt's. One is a Great Planes ARF that he planned to strip the covering off and recover in the full-scale scheme. So far he just can't bear the thought because the covering was done so well. He also has an older Sig Skybolt that is covered in Coverite and painted in the traditional paint scheme. Randy flies off the grass taxi way behind his hangar at Gundy Airpark.